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Deer tongue herb, also known as "vanilla leaf" or "sweet after death," is a small woodland plant native to North America. The leaves of the plant have a distinctive vanilla-like scent and are often used in herbal remedies and as a flavoring agent.

Our deer tongue whole herb is carefully harvested and dried to preserve its natural fragrance and flavor. The leaves are whole, unbroken, and deep green in color, with a slightly fuzzy texture.

This versatile herb can be used in a variety of ways, such as brewing a tea, adding to bath products for its sweet fragrance, or as an ingredient in cooking and baking. It's also believed to have many health benefits, including digestive and respiratory support.

Whether you're an herbalist or simply looking to add unique flavors and aromas to your culinary creations, our high-quality deer tongue whole herb is sure to impress.

This listing is for Deer Tongue Whole. Available in 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 1/2 pound, and 1 pound.

Scientific name: Liatris Odoratissima

All herbs are packed and shipped in FDA and USDA approved packaging, no additional purchase of bags is necessary. Additional supplies can be found in our supplies section.

Customer Reviews

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Deers Tongue

I recently tried deers tongue for the first time, and it quickly became one of my favorite herbs to use in my cooking. Its flavor is both sweet and slightly bitter, with a hint of mint and a subtle earthiness. I love using deers tongue in salads and as a garnish for savory dishes, as it adds a fresh and unexpected flavor that really elevates the dish. It's also great in teas and as a natural breath freshener. If you're looking for a unique herb to experiment with, I highly recommend giving deers tongue a try!

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